The NCTBH Public Health Department is comprised of five primary programs:

  1. Public Health Nurses
  2. Community Health Reps
  3. Special Diabetes Program for Indians
  4. Fitness (gym)

Each of these programs provide health-related support services to our tribal members and communities.  The following is a brief description of what these services are, along with contact information for each program office.



The Public Health Nursing (PHN) office is located in the south wing of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Health Service Unit (Clinic) in Lame Deer, Montana.  The PHN’s provide the following important healthcare services:

  • Vaccinations/Immunization, Children & Adult
  • BirthControl
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • STD testing
  • Health screening (blood sugar, blood pressure)

To receive any of these services, please visit the PHN offices or call (406) 477-4509 for more information. Office hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday.



The main office for the SDPI is located at 100 Eaglefeathers Street, Lame Deer MT 59043 on the north side of U.S. HWY 212.  Wellness consists of the following program services:

  • Diabetes Education, screening
  • Health Screening (blood sugar, blood pressure)
  • Nutrition
  • Support, education for Chronic Kidney Disease patients
  • Footcare for Diabetes patients

To receive any of these Wellness services, please visit their offices or call (406) 477-4940 for more information. Office hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday.



The main office for the Community Health Rep (CHR)Program is located in the IHS Northern Cheyenne Service Unit (Clinic) on the north end of Lame Deer MT 59043.  The CHR Program is a medically guided paraprofessional component serving the residents of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, offering support services in direct medical intervention and prevention activities

  • Patient Care Component & outreach (home visits)
  • Health Screening, esp. Diabetes (blood sugar, blood pressure)
  • School health screenings
  • Hearing Screenings, limited hearing aid repair
  • Support IHS medical staff
  • In-house training (CAN, First Aid, CPR)

To receive any of these CHR services, please visit their offices or call (406) 477-4434 for more information.  Office hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday.



The Fitness Center is located in the main Headstart offices on the south end of Lame Deer on East Little Coyote Drive.  The Fitness Center has two full-time trainers on hand, free weights, universal weights, elliptical equipment, treadmills, and separate saunas and showers for men & women. For more information please call (406) 477-8100. Gym hours are 8-7, Monday through Friday.



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