Tribal Premium
Sponsorship Program

Sterling Small – Program Manager

Shawna Hotch – Finance Officer

Brian Sanders – Tribal Sponsorship Representative

Brooke Whitewolf – Tribal Assister


About Tribal Premium Sponsorship:

The Northern Cheyenne Tribal Board of Health recently expanded its programs and services to include the Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program (“TPSP”), allowing enrolled tribal members of any federally recognized tribe, living on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation or in surrounding communities, to secure health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace (“Marketplace.”) For qualifying participants, Board of Health aids in obtaining private health insurance and will pay for the cost of all associated health insurance premiums for as long as the participant remains enrolled in the TPSP, this is called sponsorship.

TPSP Vision:

Our vision is to advance the overall health and wellness of tribal members of any federally recognized tribe living in our service area by educating members about and enrolling members in the TPSP program.

TPSP Mission:

Our mission is to improve the Northern Cheyenne community’s access to non-Indian health system health care by ensuring that all qualifying members have health insurance coverage at no cost to qualifying members.

TPSP Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for sponsorship, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe;
  2. Live in the service area (Rosebud or Bighorn County);
  3. You are NOT eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Champva, or not offered affordable health insurance through an employer or your partner’s employer; and
  4. Your 2018 household income qualifies you for Premium Tax Credit (click on link to see if you qualify).

*A premium tax credit is a new tax credit from the Affordable Care Act that helps pay for health coverage purchased through the Marketplace.

Marketplace & IHS:

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a resource that helps people without health coverage find and enroll in a health plan. TPSP buys coverage for you through the Marketplace. TPSP sets up a Marketplace account with you on the website, and provides your information to learn about your health coverage options, compare plans, and enroll you coverage. Under the Marketplace, AI/ANs have special protections and benefits:

  • Special monthly enrollment periods (sign up any time!)
  • Zero-cost sharing reductions for income qualifying participants (no out-of-pocket costs)
  • Low monthly premiums (we sponsor your premium payments if you qualify)
  • Exemption from shared responsibility payment (no tax penalty)

Your IHS benefits will not be affected, you will always be a beneficiary of IHS. TPSP is an added benefit that can make services available to you. By enrolling in in health coverage through the Marketplace, you may have better access to services that IHS may not provide. If you enroll, you can keep getting services from IHS, they can bill your insurance program, which helps IHS use the money to help provide more services to others.


Enroll now by filling out a Marketplace Application (click on link) and fax it to (406) 477-6829.

Individual Enrollment Agreement (click on link)

Medicare Form (click on link)


Contact the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program at:

(406) 477-6722, (406) 477-4997, or (406) 477-4921,  

to find out if you are eligible for private insurance at no cost to you.



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