Brooke Whitewolf – Tribal Assister/Acting Finance Officer
Brian Sanders – Tribal Sponsorship Rep. (not pictured)



Find out about the Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program

What is Tribal Premium Sponsorship?

Tribes can refer IHS patients to health specialist faster through TPSP program at no cost to the patient. The Northern Cheyenne Tribe has a Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program (TPSP). Your IHS benefits will not be affected; You will always be a beneficiary of IHS. TPSP is an added benefit that can make services available to you.

What are some benefits of TPSP program?

Its free! You will have faster access to health specialists; access to medical care when traveling. TPSP enrollees need to secure a referral from IHS when seeking services elsewhere.

Do I qualify?

You and your family may be eligible for the Northern Cheyenne TPSP if:

  • You are enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe;
  • You live in Rosebud County or Bighorn County
  • You are NOT eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, Champva, or Not offered affordable health insurance through an employer or your spouse employer; and
  •  Your 2017  household income qualifies you for PTC’s (Premium Tax Credit)


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Contact the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program at (406) 477-6722, (406) 477-4997, (406) 477-4921 or to find out if you are eligible for private insurance at no cost to you.